Unemployment at half the level seen during worst of Crash

Unemployment in Ireland is now at its lowest level in almost eight years, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

The latest data shows that the number of those on the live register has now more than halved since the peak of the crisis back in 2012, when unemployment hit a high of over 15pc.
The unemployment rate has fallen to 7.3pc, with the number of people out of work nationwide now standing at 166,700.

The latest figures will come as a significant boost for the Government.
With continuing growth in the number of jobs being created in the economy, the data appears to indicate that the short-term impact of Brexit on jobs has not been as pronounced as first feared.

The rate of 7.3pc is also a substantial decrease on the same month for 2015, when unemployment was at 9.3pc.
There are now 36,200 fewer people on the live register than there were this time last year.

The figures reveal that the unemployment rate for males was 8.3pc, while the female jobless rate came in at 6.1pc.
Youth unemployment is still quite high however, standing at 15.5pc.

While jobs are being added consistently to the Irish workforce, skills shortages are starting to emerge in some sectors.

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