Five personalised marketing experiences shoppers want

Facing into the busy festive shopping period brands will no doubt be trying to entice consumers to spend as much as possible.

With this in mind, before are five things that global consultants McKinsey & Company say that consumers want from online personalised marketing.

One – Relevant recommendations they would not have thought of themselves

To provide something a customer might be interested in, companies need to use more sophisticated recommendation algorithms to offer complementary products or services instead of just the things the shopper has already browsed or bought.
Two – Talk to the consumer when they are in shopping mode

According to McKinsey & Company, a clothing retailer found that shoppers who visited one of their physical stores or the online store were more likely to open and respond to messages that were delivered either later on that same day or exactly a week later.
The message here is follow up quickly with your customer.

Three – Remind the consumer of things they want to know
An effective way to become relevant to shoppers is through tracking specific events and circumstances they are likely to want to know about.

Events such as promotional days and the launch of new products could work in this regard.

Four – Know the consumer no matter where they interact with you

If done effectively, communications that seamlessly straddle both online and offline experiences —and provide real value — can make a customer feel a retailer really knows them, according to the research from McKinsey & Company.
Five – Share the value in a way that’s meaningful to the consumer

Personalising customer offers is a highly effective way to not only inspire purchases but also encourage new buyer behaviours.

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